Prosecute Saudi Arabia Men For Torturing And Shooting Horse!

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Created by Jen Candle, to be delivered to: Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia King, Minister of Interior - Muhammad bin Nayef, Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia,
 These savages have gone too far this time. A video of two men torturing and shooting a horse can be seen on YouTube. 
 One of the man is holding the horse by a leash while another one shoots the animal in the stomach. The horse can be seen walking dizzily on the sand before falling down. A few seconds after the horse fell down the man came close to him and shot him in the head leaving him motionless.
 This is the second incident of this type in the last month to happen in Saudi Arabia.

 Only a primitive subhuman could do such horrible thing to a poor animal. Please join me in asking the authorities to take measures and punish the monsters for torturing and destroying the poor animal.
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 VIDEO can be seen HERE! 

Published on September 01, 2014.

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Punish #SaudiArabia men for torturing and destroying horse #animalcruelty. Sign and retweet!

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