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Prosecute Corey Marion Harrison for Abandoning his Two Dogs Inside an Apartment With no Food or Water

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Created by John Linghst, to be delivered to: Midwest City Police Chief - Brandon Clabes,
 Corey Marion Harrison moved out of his apartment since June 19 but left something behind.

 He left his two dogs locked in a cage without any food or water and without bothering to tell the apartment supervisor anything about this.

 After the dogs were found they were released to Midwest City Animal Welfare to be taken care of.

 These dogs were found in an advanced shape of starvation and dehydration. Just a little longer and there might have been nothing left to do.

 As a dog lover I ask you to sign and share this petition and urge the authorities to prosecute this man for abandoning the animals in the hands of fate!

Published on July 18, 2014.

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Update #3

Added 2 months ago
Update #2
Today we have sent the signature list. Hope everything will work out fine and Corey Harrison will be punished for his actions. Until we will receive a response from the Midwest City Police Department we will continue with this cause.

Added 2 months ago
Update #1

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