Letter to the President of China - Xi Jinping! Please stop the slaughter of elephants!

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Created by Louise Miller, to be delivered to: President of China - Xi Jinping
 Mr. Xi Jinping,

This is a letter sent to you on behalf of all the people in the world that have had enough with the atrocities and the slaughter of animals that happen in your country.

We think that it's time to stop the mistreatment and the abuse and enforce laws that protect animals and force people to respect them as living things. The way the people of your country treat animals is just inhumane and horrific. It is time to take a step forward and join the more civilized countries. It's time to ban dog and cat meat consumption and it is time to abolish every cultural rituals that consist in abusing and destroying animals.

Many years have passed since animals had to be sacrificed as a tribute to gods and yet horrible things happen in your country in the name of religion and culture.There is no excuse for slaughtering animals and we think that no God will ever request their followers to sacrifice animals in inhumane ways.

A recent picture caught my attention. An elephant fetus was born and left to die after his mother's face was removed for her ivory horns. Please hear our plea and make every effort possible to ban ivory products in your country. Please replace this material with something else and fight for the survival of the elephants. 

Severely punish everyone that hunts these majestic animals and give the elephants a chance to a normal life. A chance to be born and live their live as wild animals without the fear of being hunted for their ivory!

I hope that you will understand and you will take measures to prevent this from ever happening again.
Published on September 03, 2014.

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Letter to President of China -Xi Jinping!Stop the slaughter of elephants!#AnimalCruelty #China

— (@PetitionHub) September 3, 2014

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