Justice For Felicity! Find and prosecute the person that burned and abandoned her tied to a fence!

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Created by Kathy Dumas, to be delivered to: Ronnie J. Bastin - Lexington Chief of Police, Kathy H. Witt - Fayette County Sheriff
  A 7-month old puppy has to undergo plastic surgery because some evil person maimed her body with a chemical that left her fur marred with profanity.
  The pit bull, named now Felicity, was burned with the chemical and abandoned. She was found in a horrible condition with open wounds and tied to a fence.

  Please sign the petition and join me along with the Lexington Humane Society in asking the authorities to start an investigation and find and arrest the thug responsible for Felicity's abuse.

  Take action now and let's catch Felicity's abuser!

Published on September 01, 2014.

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Justice For Felicity!Burned with acid and abandoned tied to a fence. #animalcruelty #dogs

— (@PetitionHub) September 1, 2014

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