Justice For Andor and Abu! Severely emaciated and starved!

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Created by Samson Miller, to be delivered to: Medina County Sheriff - Tom Miller, Seville Police Department
 The Medina County SPCA seized two emaciated dogs this Tuesday from a property in Seville. 

 One of the dogs, a pit bull, had no muscle mass and he weighted less than half a normal pit bull his size should weight.

 The dogs were in severe conditions and God knows when and what their owners were feeding them. One of the dog's organ functions were off.
 They were named Andor and Abu. 

 Please sign the petition and let's ask the authorities to prosecute the owners for what they did to the poor dogs. People that do this need to be punished. Urge the authorities to take measures and punish the people that abused this dogs.

Published on August 31, 2014.

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Justice For Andor and Abu! Severely emaciated and starved!#animalcruelty #dogabuse #dogcruelty

— (@PetitionHub) August 31, 2014

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