Demand Maximum Penalty For Gogebic County Men That Shot And Mistreated Coyote!

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Created by Linda Palmen, to be delivered to: Gogebic County Prosecutor Richard Adams, Gogebic County District Judge Anders B. Tingstad Jr.
 Two hunters from Michigan are being investigated for torturing an injured and helpless coyote earlier this year. The incident was videotaped and presented the two man stating they have shot the coyote several times. 

 The man calls his three dogs over to finish the already fatally injured coyote.

 The whole scene happened in front of one of the men's 12-year-old son. The boy was holding a gun while witnessing the horrible scene. This child is being taught that this type of brutality is fun and he will most certainly teach others to hunt in cold blood and torture animals.

 The investigation continues but until then I am asking you to sign this petition and demand the maximum penalty for the cold blooded monsters! This can't go away with just a fine! Please share and sign the petition and demand justice for the coyote.

Video Click Here!

Published on August 27, 2014.

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GRAPHIC VIDEO!Coyote Shot And Tortured! Maximum Penalty For This Cold Blooded Monsters!

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